Session One - Wikispaces and Social Bookmarking

October 5, 2010

1. Participants will create a wikispace, edit the look of the wiki, and begin adding content to the wiki so that it is able to be used with their students.
2. Participants will bookmark and tag links with a social bookmarking site.

Wikispaces Professional Development Wiki

Great Examples of Wiki use in Education: - My 5th grade class wiki - 2nd grade class wiki - Science class wiki - School SAP program wiki - Web2.0 wiki created by students - high school library wiki - 3rd grade class wiki - School OT wiki - Book club wiki started by a school librarian - Middle School Guidance Wiki - 2nd and 3rd grade wiki - list of many educational wikis

Assignments (due Session Two - October 19, 2010) -
1. Create a wikispace for your students. Use the wikispace in at least one class activity between classes.
2. Create a social bookmarking account using either Delicious or Diigo. Bookmark and tag at least 10 links from either our class or outside class.