Session Two - Word Clouds and Mind Mapping

October 19, 2010

Opening Blog Post Read: Educators as Life Long Learners

Objectives: Participants will use web2.0 resources to embed a wordcloud and mindmap into their wiki.

Word Clouds
Wordle: Tech PLN Class

Examples of Word Clouds in Education:

Using Wordle in the Classroom
47 Ways to use Wordle in the Classroom
Wordle Lesson Plan Example
Word Clouds of Every Inaugural Address

Political Policy Comparison Wordles

Onoroto's Education Policy:
Wordle: Dan Onoroto's Education Policy
Corbett's Education Policy:
Wordle: Corbett Education Policy

Mind Meister

Assignment (Due next session - November 2, 2010) - Integrate at least one word cloud and at least one mindmap in lessons with your students. Embed the results on your wikispace. Add at least 5 more delicious links.